About Therapytalks

Have you ever wondered why highly trained individuals vary in their tendency to use jargon and/or lingo when they share information with others?  Well the fact of the matter is that many are able to explain very complex concepts in entertaining ways, and with very little jargon.  Interviewees on this site, although highly trained – are asked to limit their lingo - language that is unintelligible or unfamiliar.Therapytalks is a series of interviews with therapists, counsellors/counselors (Canada/US), psychologists and other mental health professionals about topics that they are passionate about, with as little lingoas possible.While it is sometimes challenging for professionals to share information without loading it with technical lingo, there are many highly skilled clinicians who simply know how to get across what’s important in simple, easy to understand, language.

The Challenge

All of the interviewees on this site have been given this challenge.  Talk about what you know without losing your audience in the  vernacular (lingo) of your profession. If in the end, you – as the listener – do hear some incomprehensible lingo, let us know.  We’ll post the lingo – along with what it really means – in plain speak on the site.

The Interviewer


Jeffrey Fisher (the interviewer) –  enjoys interviewing the most innovative of mental health professionals.  Aside from being a professional coach and therapist, the company that he directs – Absolute Balance Counselling & Consulting Ltd. – has developed CounsellingBC.com – British Columbia’s most well utilized directory of counsellors (counselors – US spelling) and psychologists.


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